Chocolate – the ultimate mood food!

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Our Story

Chocolate is associated with many of our fondest memories. It’s an essential part of special occasions like birthdays and romantic dinners, and a fine accompaniment to a quiet evening by the fire. It’s a treat we enjoy giving for all kinds of occasions, and Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur is pleased to be part of its customers’ cherished memories. Try our bite-size chocolates – you’ll fall in love at first bite!

Our brand: your quality guarantee

In response to rising awareness of food allergies, the company went completely peanut and nut-free in 1987. The goal of making the factory a safe place was achieved not only by raising awareness, but also by continuously educating employees on good food safety practices.


In 1985, Louis and Angèle Vadeboncoeur launch Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur on Bélanger Street, in Montreal’s Petite-Patrie neighbourhood. Over the next four years, the fledgling company enjoys great success and soon lacks space in its 2000 square foot premises.


The company continues to grow, moving into a 20,000 square foot factory in Montreal’s Ville d’Anjou industrial district. Business booms, and the production space is expanded to 25,000 square feet. The Vadeboncoeurs’ great adventure continues!

Spring 2006

In the first decade of the new millennium, the owners acquire a 75,000 square foot building along with innovative new equipment. The company creates the Freddo brand and diversifies its line of products, selling bite-size chocolates year-round and across Quebec and Ontario, while continuing to make the hollow Easter chocolates that started it all. Since 1998, Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur is proud to make its chocolates in a peanut and nut-free facility and continues to do so in a safe working environment by earning multiple food safety certifications, such as FSSC 22000. The company thrives by constantly innovating to meet customers’ expectations with a wide range of quality products.


Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur expands again. The FreddoTM brand continues to gain notoriety across Canada and gradually enters the United States market thanks to a new market-development strategy. Despite its growth, the company stays true to its mission: making premium-quality, fresh chocolates for kids and adults to share and enjoy.


The Vadeboncoeur chocolate family grows when the founders’ eldest son, Kevin Vadeboncoeur, joins the executive team, strengthening the family business. With the art of chocolate passing from father to son, the company continues to be one of Canada’s leading chocolate manufacturers, constantly innovating and offering a wide variety of chocolates year-round.